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Take off your boots and roll out your mat!  Contact me for  personal yoga instruction and yoga for equestrians.  Also look for me on the schedule at Yoga Garden Pittsboro.

Personal yoga instruction based on your goals and needs. General yoga, yoga for equestrians, yoga for stress relief, yoga and meditation ... 

Why yoga?

Stress relief

Building Strength

Better sleep

Flexibility  (In mind and body)

Increased mobility

Natural detoxification

Improved riding

Better connection with your horse

Better connection with yourself

Whatever the reason you come to yoga, I guarantee you will find that benefit and 10 more.  I've been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 20 years.  I know it works.  

Contact me to get started.  

New! Starting Feb 12 - Vinyasa Yoga in the barn

Mondays & Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm
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