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We are happy to offer training for your horse through Remount Horsemanship with Richard Schouten.  


Remount Horsemanship Inc is an educational program focused on foundational training of both horses and humans. Like the remount schools of old, our aim is to provide a solid basis of understanding, skills, and general fitness that prepare the horse and rider for anything! Our teaching style is gentle and natural horsemanship based with influences from dressage, reining, cow working, and more. Our services include private and group lessons, clinics, and training. 


Visit Remount Horsemanship 


Be sure to check out our Clinics page for clinics with Richard
Additional Trainers


You are also welcome to bring your own trainer to our property to work with you and your horse.  Arrangements should be made through Roz before starting out.  


Training with Remount Horsemanship

New! Starting Feb 12 - Vinyasa Yoga in the barn

Mondays & Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm
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