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Teaching your horse to let go

We were so lucky to have Sue Lomenzo of True Nature Equine Bodywork & Wellness at the barn last weekend.

As humans, we all carry the stress of our lives in our bodies, and we know the importance of learning to "let that shit go." You could call this stress the baggage of our experience. When we hold on to it, that baggage can get pretty heavy. Horses, like humans, also have issues in their tissues. Whether it is from trauma, hard work, injuries, being out of balance, etc. horses carry the baggage of their own experience. And when they carry us around, they carry our baggage as well as their own. When your horse holds stress in the body it can lead to stiffness, lameness, behavior issues, and even a compromised immune system, among other issues. Letting go of the stress and underlying tension in the body lightens the load of life's experience and can help solve the issues your horse might be having.

I watched Sue with four very different horses at our barn last weekend. The approach she used on each horse was as unique as the horses themselves. She was able to find exactly what each horse needed in order to let go. And each horse was visibly relaxed and happy under her touch. Sue is a gifted bodywork practitioner who uses a combination of craniosacral, Masterson massage, reiki, and myofascial release in the work she does on horses.

The beauty of the bodywork that Sue does is that as she helps the horse release tension and stiffness, they can start to let go of the underlying trauma associated with it. And, not only does Sue help the horse let go in the moment, but through this work over time she helps them learn that it is OK to let go. So, moving forward maybe he won't accumulate so much baggage along his life's experience. (A lesson we can all benefit from!)

Sue will be back at Carolina Morning Stables Sunday December 15 - Tuesday December 17. Please contact me to reserve a spot for your horse.

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